Soft Services

Soft Services

An efficient soft service management is necessary for every business, even though few companies fail to appreciate the need for such services.

Why choose a Facilities Management Company over an internal team?

We offer a fresh viewpoint to the typical services.
We are an external body who possess the right knowledge and experience to deliver soft services.
Additional services will be provided and will be cost-effective than the internal team.
Our team comprises skilled personnel in various range of requirements.
We have acquired the relevant equipments and tools required for providing the necessary services.

Professional Cleaning & Sanitization Services

Due to COVID -19 pandemic & its rising concerns, Apollo FMS has taken a step forward to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus with a range of world-class, disinfecting & sanitizing services. With well trained, skilled & professional cleaners we help corporate workspaces & residential spaces to stay clean & Hygienic with a range of disinfecting & sanitizing tasks such as aerial disinfection, sanitation of most-touched surfaces, IT assets, stationeries and overall clients property with a strong but safe disinfection solution.


Charges vary from service to service depending on the requirement and scope of the area to be cleaned and disinfected. However, the exact charges for the service can be evaluated only after the inspection of the area under consideration.

Yes, it is very safe to clean the area with disinfecting solutions. The chemicals used for sanitizing the area are legal for cleaning purposes & are for external use only. However, for extra precautions maintain a safe distance from the area under service.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation & its ability to fast spread everywhere, it becomes very difficult to find where it exists. Hence the entire workspace disinfection & sanitization of the IT assets like the mouse, keyboard, laptop & stationery becomes mandatory to prevent the further spread of viruses & protect your employees/customers for the smooth functioning of the work.

No. Our team will be equipped with highly sophisticated cleaning equipment such as scrubbing brushes, mops, gloves, sponges, googles, disinfecting solutions, chemical masks & Personal Protective Equipments.

To book the cleaning service please fill the “contact form” with authentic information, that is Your Name, Contact Number, Email ID & Location of the site to be cleaned. You can also Call Us on the mentioned contact number & book your service. Upon successful booking, we will send our team for the site inspection.

After the arrival of the professionals, please vacate the indoors or the area under the treatment process. Also, take away the pets & do not let them roam freely & maintain a safe distance from the treating site. After the cleaning & disinfecting work is completed, let everything dry on its own which will take a few minutes. However, our team will guide you & educate you about the Do’s & Don’ts before they leave your site.

Housekeeping Services

Mechanized Solutions customized to your requirements to ensure a comfortable & healthy environment therefore assuring a higher job satisfaction amongst employees.

Proper process, goals and service quality are the core values in which our housekeeping service is built. We are bound to provide excellent housekeeping service by personally recruiting efficient staff to service according to client’s needs. Our service offers structured cleaning with zero accident. We make this possible by using technology and equipment to achieve the target. Our cleaning service is

  1. Deep cleaning: The deep cleaning service will be done once in every 6 months. We provide you the best professional deep cleaning service which will reach every nook and corner of your house and is exterminated from dust, grime, and germs.
  2. House cleaning: With a specific expert team for house cleaning, we ensure that your house is clean and shining, looking beautiful at every corner.
  3. Kitchen cleaning: The kitchen cleaning service ensures you to provide a sparkling kitchen which is clean and stain free.
  4. Wall cleaning: You can be assured to get a clean service by repairing all the damages in the wall turning it to be brand new.
  5. Floor cleaning: Get germs free shining floor with our expert service now.
  6. Mattress cleaning: We provide you the best cleaning service on all types of a mattress by using latest technique to make it feel fresh and new again.
  7. Restroom cleaning: We offer you a disinfected and clean washroom to ensure protection from different diseases.


Our goal is to provide mechanized Solutions customized to your requirements to ensure a comfortable & healthy environment, therefore, ensuring a higher job satisfaction amongst employees.  Our reliable cleaning services will keep your premises spic and span. We expertise in

  • Serving several hotels
  • Corporate houses
  • Commercial complexes.
Cleaning Services | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore

Daily cleaning

Interior and floor cleaning
Washroom cleaning
Dust control
Removal of garbage
Vacuum cleaning

Special cleaning

Floor polishing
Carpet/Sofa shampooing
Facade/Glass cleaning
High pressure cleaning of outside area
Steam cleaning

Segment cleaning

Post construction cleaning
Marble crystallization
Industrial cleaning
Spring cleaning

payroll | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore

Payroll Management

Payroll management by the company is much of a time consuming if there are fewer resources. Therefore the majority of the companies consider outsourcing for their payroll-related task.

Apollo FMS ensures an error-free payroll process. All the payroll related job is handled by our professionals. We help you in eliminating the burden of payroll management. We also ensure you to re-deploy resources and to focus on other critical business activities that can boost your company’s growth and build competitive advantage.

  1. We have consistently outperformed ourselves in the realm of IT Consulting & Staffing services by delivering cost-effective & efficient services.

2. Best-in-class operational infrastructure for payroll management & facility management services.  We also offer an advanced technology platform and an entire team of a highly trained, qualified and dedicated back-office team comprising of experts in payroll management.

3. We are capable of meeting all your HR needs in a convenient and cost-effective place.

One Time Activities:

Data migration
Salary and benefits structuring
Setting up rules and employee masters

Recurring Activities:

Pay slips
Payroll Processing
Statutory reports and submissions

Annual Activities:

IT computation
Form 16 and Form 25
Receipt and verification of declaration and proofs

Reports And MIS:

Pay registers
Leave reports
Bank advice reports
IT reports and others

Pest Control

Apollo FMS offers a comprehensive range of professional pest control services. We use the most advanced methodologies available today, thus, giving you a customized effective plan which will be suitable for your specific needs. Our trained specialists will investigate your site during each visit. Further, they will protect and strengthen the site by carrying out the required actions!

Apollo FMS is committed to keeping your office clean, healthy, hygienic and free from all types of pests. We help companies get rid of the unhealthy environment around you that could be the potential cause of infections and diseases.

The pests tend to easily multiply because of the climatic conditions, if not treated properly. So, our ultimate goal is to provide the best pest control services which will satisfy the needs of the customer. This encourages a healthy working or living environment and reduces the risks of infections and diseases.


Professional Pest Control Service Offer Features Like:

  • Rodent trappers
  • Gum stickers
  • Treatment with chemicals
Pest Control 10 | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore
Front Office Management 1 | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore

Front Office Management

Front office management has been defined as the managing the major departments of an organization like sales staff, customer service staff etc. who generally come in contact with the customers.

”You only have one chance to make a first impression’’ is a phrase we swear by and our professionals will do everything to set a good first impression to visitors. 

Highly professional reception management services for organizations that want to set the right tone and impression to their visitors.

The first point of contact leaves an excellent, lasting impression and reflects the culture of our clients’ organization.

  • Welcome the customers/guests
  • Giving the required and crisp information
  • Handling the arrival and departure register.
  • Handling complaints and also resolving them
  • Taking care of payment collection (if required)
  • Coordination with various linked departments
  • Keeping a record of guests (profile) for future use

Our services help our client to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue etc. We provide qualitative and on-time solutions.

We offer the front office management services across various verticals like airlines, retail, telecommunication, energy and utility management, financial management services etc.


Pantry Services

Pre-deployment and post-deployment training encompass etiquettes, grooming, utensils washing process which involves ensuring complete removal of all detergents at the end of each wash cycle.

Some Of The Unique Features Of Our Pantry Service Are:

We make sure all etiquettes associated with such events are fully observed and maintained

We deploy professionals with expertise in specific pantry service tasks

Apollo FMS understands the importance of the best pantry services in a company. Also, pantry services ensure that employees always have access to refreshments and beverages. Lots of employers see pantry services as a valuable employee benefit. Apollo FMS works with each client to offer custom-made services. We also ensure that the products offered are in sync with the expectations of the employees.

We also work towards keeping your place hygienic and clean be it your office, any commercial place or events. Apollo FMS pays a lot of attention into satisfying their customers.  We provide a suite of options for clients of various requirements like offices, events, corporate etc. It’s our task to deliver hot and delicious food to the guests.

Our pantry staff is well-versed with serving in various environments. They are also well-behaved and sincere during your important conferences or meetings. We have a team which delivers the best quality pantry services.

Why choose Apollo FMS?

At Apollo FMS, our clients are at the top priority.

  • Well trained and experienced team
  • Use of best quality throughout.
  • Best hygiene practices
  • Provide good quality food to the guests


If you want to avail our pantry services, please contact us whenever you want! Happy to connect!

Pantry Services 5 | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore
Front Desk Support | Apollo Facility Management Services in Bangalore

Front Desk Support

We ensure that services are being provided efficiently and effectively as per SLAs. It includes monitoring services, resolving incidents, fulfilling requests and carrying out operational tasks.
Front desk support includes the responsibility for handling the front office reception and administrative duties. Handling company inquiries, scheduling meetings and follow-ups, coordinating other office activities etc. are the duties of front desk support.


Landscaping, maintenance of Gardens, Green Plants, Flower belts & other Horticulture Services to create a gorgeous landscape within the premises with the help of our highly trained gardeners.

Regular maintenance of your lawn and gardens, and specializes in irrigation services and water management.

Landscaping services are activities which modify the visible features of the land area.  We at Apollo FMS provide a full range of landscaping services for commercial as well as residential customers. Our team helps in designing beautiful new landscapes. We can maintain your plants, flowers, grass etc and also provide other services which will keep the landscape in its best form.

We have experienced dedicated teams who will execute the entire process from design to installation up to maintenance. Our quality and creativity have enabled us to become one of the best landscape care companies in Bangalore.


We offer the following services

  • Lawn Mowing – Proper lawn mowing (seasonally) will help in increasing the thickness of the grass and also make certain that it stays healthy.
  • Fertilizing – The best fertilizer for grass will help in maintaining the deep green color. Fertilization will show peak growth and performance of the landscape.
  • Mulching – It is a process of covering the soil and making it more favorable for growth. It also gives the landscape/garden a very neat and tidy look. Mulching serves as a natural blanket to the area, which prevents the top-soil from drying out completely.
  • Plants Trimming & Pruning – The process of trimming and pruning helps plants for fresh new growth and renewal.
  • Irrigation maintenance – This is the most effective way of reducing wastage of water and pollution by using the accurate amount of water of the required landscape.
  • Lawn Aeration/soil loosening – This will make sure that the nutrients reach the soil beneath the grass. Such kind of perforation of the soil allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.
Landscaping | Apollo Facility Management Services in bangalore
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