Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with Professional cleaning & sanitization services.

Apollo FMS aims to keep your workspace & IT asset’s clean & healthy to keep your work going.


Get professional cleaning & sanitization services.

Who We Are

Apollo Facility Management Services, an offshoot of Apollo Power Systems, is a Property & Asset Management Company where we offer both Engineering & Soft Services. We manage about 60 Million Square feet area and offer comprehensive integrated facilities management solutions that target cost effective, sustainable results at our clients’ facilities & workplaces. We are present across South India with a strong workforce of 2500+ employees.

What We Do

Due to COVID -19 pandemic & its rising concerns, Apollo FMS has taken a step forward to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus with a range of world-class, disinfecting & sanitizing services. With well trained, skilled & professional cleaners we help corporate workspaces & residential spaces to stay clean & Hygienic with a range of disinfecting & sanitizing tasks such as aerial disinfection, sanitation of most-touched surfaces, IT assets, stationeries and overall clients property with a strong but safe disinfection solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Charges vary from service to service depending on the requirement and scope of the area to be cleaned and disinfected. However, the exact charges for the service can be evaluated only after the inspection of the area under consideration.

Yes, it is very safe to clean the area with disinfecting solutions. The chemicals used for sanitizing the area are legal for cleaning purposes & are for external use only. However, for extra precautions maintain a safe distance from the area under service.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation & its ability to fast spread everywhere, it becomes very difficult to find where it exists. Hence the entire workspace disinfection & sanitization of the IT assets like the mouse, keyboard, laptop & stationery becomes mandatory to prevent the further spread of viruses & protect your employees/customers for the smooth functioning of the work.

No. Our team will be equipped with highly sophisticated cleaning equipment such as scrubbing brushes, mops, gloves, sponges, googles, disinfecting solutions, chemical masks & Personal Protective Equipments.

To book the cleaning service please fill the “contact form” with authentic information, that is Your Name, Contact Number, Email ID & Location of the site to be cleaned. You can also Call Us on the mentioned contact number & book your service. Upon successful booking, we will send our team for the site inspection.

After the arrival of the professionals, please vacate the indoors or the area under the treatment process. Also, take away the pets & do not let them roam freely & maintain a safe distance from the treating site. After the cleaning & disinfecting work is completed, let everything dry on its own which will take a few minutes. However, our team will guide you & educate you about the Do’s & Don’ts before they leave your site.

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