Facility management (FM) is a is a professional management practice which concentrates on the efficient and effective delivery of a support system of an organization it serves. It helps to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency by interacting people, place, process and technology.

Facility management is responsible for making sure everything works harmoniously together ensuring smooth operations and facility manager is responsible for keeping the facilities alive.

Facility managers are responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of the organization. They ensure that all the practices are followed with maximum efficiency. This involves strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

Yes. Facility management can save time along with money. It will help in cutting down on the amount of time your staff is spending on overseeing the running of your facility management if you are operating in-house facility management.

Yes. Facility management is cost effective. Compared to an operating facility    management in-house can be costly. Outsourcing it, however, will not only cut down on the time your staff are spending on overseeing the running of your facility management, but also saves your money in the long-term.

Hiring an external company for managing your facilities with professionalism to ensure smooth operations is called facility management outsourcing. It comes with various benefits such as improves productivity, grows profitable, reduces business risk, etc.

  • It helps you save money
  • Expertise and Knowledge
  • Flexible and adoptable
  • Easy access
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces business risk

Facility management is responsible for managing and maintaining the facilities during the day to day running of the business in an organization.

Over the last few years, every business have identified the importance of well-managed buildings and utilities which help companies function effectively and efficiently.  The team of facility management involves professionals to maintain day-to-day analysis and repair of the company utilities eventually all these help in cutting cost and increasing employee productivity.

Soft services are generally a set of services which provides a pleasant and more secure environment which usually involves more of human interaction. For ex: housekeeping service, payroll management, pest control, front office management, pantry services, front desk support, Landscaping.

Hard facility management service are basically engineering services structured within the building and cannot be removed. For ex: Electro mechanical services, plumbing, HVAC, etc.

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