How Small Facility Management Changes Can Make A Major Impact On The Business?

When you come across an empty hand sanitiser container in your office, how does it make you feel? Showing employees and clients that you care by keeping facilities stocked with accessible soap and cleaning products combined with properly trained staff can produce real results. Therefore, meeting goals to motivate and retain a dedicated workforce. Thus, this smallest change can make a major difference when it comes to Facility management services.
Let us learn more about how these small changes can help […]


Digitizing your Facility Management needs

Did you know? A smart building can save up to 30–50% more than existing buildings that are otherwise inefficient. 
A facility’s smooth operation depends on managing its assets, equipment, and services. However, managing a facility can be difficult. Especially when it involves multiple facets. Such as attendance tracking, asset management, etc.
Conventional methods use pen and paper to keep track of such activities. Therefore, it is not cost-effective or efficient. As a result, it is not only time-consuming but also prone […]


Duct Leakage 101: The Ultimate solution for an Energy-Efficient HVAC

Did you know that of 40% of the energy consumed by buildings, up to 30% is wasted due to leaks in HVAC ducts and exterior walls? This is mainly due to the manual installation of ducts and wall construction methods. Even if a building has high-efficiency heating and cooling units, energy is still wasted. This is due to leakage in the ducts . Therefore, let us understand how to build an Energy-Efficient HVAC system
Duct Leaks in HVAC and their […]


Why Compliance is important for Facility Management?

Compliance means sticking to the rules, policies, procedures, standards, and laws. Regulatory compliance is where companies ensure certain procedures are in place according to the type of organization and industry. Compliance for a Facility Management Service ensures that they are aware and take all steps necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations. 
Importance of Compliance for a Facility Management Service
The Facilities Management team is the heart and soul of an organization, their work impacts the entire company’s performance by […]


Why Business needs Integrated FMS for rapid Growth

Why Business needs Integrated FMS for rapid Growth
The first thing that pops up to any company who hear about facility management is why they should outsource their facilities management services in the first place.
Let’s address this since there’s likely to be an awful lot of businesses out there facing the same quandary. So let’s look at the top benefits that we’ve seen businesses experience when they started outsourcing their facilities management.

Operating your facilities management in-house can affect both […]

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Competitiveness in Facility Management Industry by 2020

5 Ways to Grow Competitiveness in the Facility Management Industry by 2020
The way we inhabit our workspace is changing and so are the workplace strategies we must have in place to attract and retain talent as well as to drive productivity and performance. Here are 5 ways facility managers must fulfill their customer needs and innovate their practices to stay competitive in the facility management industry by 2020.

Evolve from passive supplier to proactive strategic partner

It’s a competitive world […]

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Methods of Cost Cutting in FMS – Apollo

Cost reduction is one of major elements of facilities management services. There are different ways to perform cost cutting in a company. Few of the methods have been listed as below:

Reduce Overtime

Limiting the building’s working/operational hours is the best and convenient method for reducing operational cost-cutting. Employee overtime would have a direct impact on cost cutting in the fields of electricity and other resources. In companies, all the employees must be able to work smart rather than working for long/prolonged […]

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Advantages of Outsourcing FMS – Apollo

Are there any benefits of contracting out Facility Management Services?
Effective and smooth running of business necessitates appropriate maintenance and whether we decide to outsource maintenance services or manage them in-house, a good maintenance is a key. This blog gives you a better understanding and the benefits of outsourcing.We need to ensure that the maintenance facility provider has all the vital elements they need to carry out their operations effectively.Here are some fundamental areas a professional maintenance services provider can add value […]

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